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Client Computing & Workstations

Simal Technologies offers customized solutions in Mini PCs and Monitors for diverse client computing needs of today

Document Imaging

Our document management solutions portfolio includes document scanners, passport scanners ,book scanners and document management software .


The gaming industry has taken the world by storm with a huge demand for top of the range gaming PC’s in in the past years.

Servers & Storage

Simal Technologies offers custom built configurations for Servers and Storage from its portfolio of leading vendors . Customers can choose from basic to high end Servers .

Wireless & Networking

In this era of a 24/7 connected world, the requirement of a reliable network is of utmost importance. Customers can enjoy a fast and reliable connection.

Software Defined Networking

Simal Technologies has partnered with industry’s experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering largescale.

Video Surveillance

Simal Technologies has in its umbrella solutions ranging from IP cameras, NVRs, and Thermal monitoring cameras for the growing IP security and surveillance market.


One of the best ways to extend the useful life of an existing computer system is to consider upgrading current hardware for memory, SSDs, and Display cards.

Personal Storage

Simal Technologies offers high quality storage devices like USB drives, External hard disks , Memory cards and USB drives with fingerprint security